Introducing the Beginner Basics Course

A new guitar course is available. Our latest content update brings you a brand new beginner basics guitar course.

Beginner Basics

Specifically designed for beginners, we’ve created an exciting new course teaching you everything from melodic motifs to power chords and rhythm training. Here is a quick overview of the newly introduced units:

  • Melodic Motifs
  • Power Chords
  • Rhythm Training
  • Sitting, Fretting, Standing
  • A Simple Melody

Beginner Basics Course for Guitar

Enhanced Feedback on Your Playing

The rhythm training unit of the newly released course uses our AI-based listening technology to provide you with feedback about your timing to help you improve your accuracy when strumming. Make sure to check it out.

Release Date

The update will be available for iOS and Android on June 18th, 2019. We hope you will enjoy the new improvements.

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