Powered by world-leading artificial intelligence technology, Fretello is a virtual guitar teacher inspiring a new generation to learn guitar in a fun and interactive way.

The Future of Music Education

Fretello guides you from the first time you pick up a guitar through to jamming along to your favorite songs, using a mixture of personalized video tutorials and real-time feedback that gets you hitting the right notes time after time.

Incorporating more than 100 years of guitar teaching experience into one award-winning digital package, Fretello has created the most complete learning path ever for beginners. And there’s plenty for experienced guitarists to learn too – including monthly lessons from Sophie Lloyd, one of the internet’s biggest guitar sensations, who recently joined the Fretello team.

Fretello has been a key partner for tech giant Apple on recent launches including the iPhone SE, and was recently named the App Store’s ‘App of the Day’ in the United States and in 167 countries worldwide to highlight its growing status as the world’s top digital guitar learning tool. The app has also been featured in the New York Times and by USA Today, among many leading global media outlets.

Additional information

  • For more information about Fretello, email CEO Florian Lettner via support@fretello.com
  • For US inquiries , contact Fretello’s US team via tom@fretello.com
  • For images and videos, download Fretello’s media kit: HERE

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